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  • Finance | Joel Prince Nku

    Finance:No doubt this is important. In a world that runs on money, you need money to do a lot of things. For feeding, transportation, clothing, shelter, and bills, and even more. Everyone needs money, even little children. Today, a lot of people are securing their children’s finances by saving for...

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  • Faith | Joel Prince Nku

    Faith:God is the greatest force anyone can encounter. He is the force behind every force, and definitely the most important thing you need. He makes all things beautiful and his plans for you are the best. You need him before every other thing. While the others are important, trusting in...

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  • Family | Joel Prince

    Family:Unarguably, the most important resources are people, but the most important people are those you have around you, those you can access, those you can bank on. And this starts with family, in most cases. Anchor: Do’s and don’ts for parents. Family goes beyond just blood relations; it extends to...

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