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Earning in 6-figures and Above Through Maize Farming | Joel Prince

One of the most consumed foods in the world today is maize, and that alone should tell you about its importance and profitability.

Also known as corn, maize is a staple food in many places around the world. It can be consumed in a number of ways and is an ingredient in many kinds of foods for both humans and animals. In Nigeria, you’ll find hawkers selling boiled corn and you’ll find women selling roast corn by the sides of the road

Probably one of the easiest crops to cultivate, it takes just 75-120 days. If it should get to the worst case of delay, then it shouldn’t exceed 150 days. And the good news for anyone wanting to plant maize or invest in maize farming in Nigeria is that the crop can be grown in almost every part of Nigeria.

Since this crop with endless possibilities thrive on rainfall, preparation for farming should be made in February, so that the it can be planted as soon as the rains become steady. Planting can still be done as late as June, but the earlier the better. It needs a hot weather to thrive, so regular supply of water will help it stay healthy.

Thankfully, corn is not only important to human just because it feeds us and the animals we eat. It is also very profitable, with 50% interest being some of the worst cases.

There are different species of maize, and some of the major ones are flint corn, sweet corn, pod corn, dent corn, popcorn and flour corn. With the right knowledge of how to plant and cultivate them, you would be able to pull in much profits. An instance is this: a certain variety of corn requires a spacing of 25cm by 75cm. A hectare of land at harvest would give you around 10,000 standing plants.

While huge benefits, like 6 to 7-figure incomes, can be enjoyed by farmers who venture into maize cultivation, non-farmers can also position themselves to enjoy benefits too, and really huge ones. All they need are basic agricultural knowledge so they can evaluate the risks they are taking.

Now, so many people are investing in Agriculture even more than they invest in bonds and stock, as so many trusted investment options have not just promised high returns but have lived up to the expectations of the investors.

This is because the best practices are strictly adhered to by the farmers who sign up to be part of such platforms. ISCOMMS, for example, supervises farms and farmers to ensure that there are no faults and errors in the cultivation of the crops being produced.

Another guarantee you have is that no one is setting out to make losses. The farmers and owners of farms are putting in work so they yield enough to sell and turn in profits enough to attract investors for the next cultivation period. The investment platforms are looking out for only the best options for you because they have to earn and have a good reputation.

Just do your research about any platform that you come across and be sure that they are registered with the appropriate financial security bodies, read about them to be sure they are legit, ask questions and do some good research, and when you find one, your money will only be on the increase while you claim to be a maize farmer from home.

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