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Data As The New Currency | Joel Prince

Have you ever felt bad because of how much you spend on data? Then you definitely should also feel bad about how much you spend on feeding and transportation and clothing, because data is not just what you need to reply your chats in the morning or surf the internet in the evening.

With every business jumping to the online space, data is now a basic need of man. And buying a bundle gives you access to almost every products and services you need or desire, and can afford.

Information is easier and faster and more convenient to access on the internet, and all you need for that is data. On the streets, the number of posters and flyers are reduced, as banners are now being placed as ads for social media users and internet surfers. Money spent on billboards and printing handbills are now used to post ads on social media platforms with many users, and they are proving to be effective. All these are made possible through data.

Fun can be had from home too. You can watch events and shows from your device, and when you want to have fun time with friends you can change the budget for public transit to data of a lesser amount and enjoy on facetime with friends. Schools take classes online to and churches have long joined this wagon!

The whole world is online and to join them, you need to convert your cash into data. This makes data not just a currency, but an essential currency for living in the world today.

What even makes this currency more important is because of unforseen circumstances, like the very recent outbreak of COVID-19. While the disease brought physical activities to a standstill, online activities kept going on like nothing was happening. The only way the pandemic affected the online space was by drawing more awareness to it and bringing more people into this much safer, easier, and super productive space.

With this understanding, you should treat data the way you treat money. Budget it, spend it, save it, especially if you find it hard to get data. Here are some ways to make the most of this currency.

Look for the best deals:
With this new knowledge, it’s becomes more important to buy data like an investment. You get better deals when you buy bundles of higher amounts, so as long as you can afford it, get good and big bundles. Also, check and compare data plans, ask around, and see how you can get much data with little money.

Find an app that does what you do:
Do you invest in shares and bonds? You won’t be facing the risk of being duped if you choose the data path. There are sites and apps where you can save and invest in bonds and stock. However, do your research well, so you don’t use fraudulent apps and sites. There are even those where you can invest in agriculture. Do you do any other thing? Ask around and you’ll sure find a way to do it online from the comfort of your home, saving your time and energy and money.

Set data limits:
Don’t just spend your data and wait for when next you buy another bundle. Rather, budget how much you would spend daily or weekly and be strict with it. This way, you can always have this new currency at your disposal whenever you need it.

I guess reading this has shown you a different view of data and I hope it has given you a guide on how to use data more wisely. If you find this useful, you should share it with your friends. And you can drop your contributions as comments. Thanks.

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